Free Web Hosting Service

If you’re a web hosting fanatic, then you know that you can host your website for free these days. However, these free hosting options come with a catch: The web hosting company will litter your web pages by displaying a wide range of ads, pop-ups and other forms of promotion. Also, there are other web hosting companies that advertise free hosting services, but they recoup their money by charging you extraordinary fees to buy a domain name. They also ramp up and domain renewal fees. On top of all that, they charge you for add-ons such as Whois privacy protection, some aspects of website security and much more. That’s why you must be extra careful when choosing a web hosting company for your website. This column illuminates you on the best tips to procure free web hosting services:

Reliability of free web hosting providers

Although free web hosting services can keep your website up and running, they are not reliable. The fact that they are offering services for free means they haven’t invested in robust servers. So you might witness downtimes and glitches. You’re also on your own when something happens to your website. Additionally, you will be responsible for updates. Updates can be expensive in the long run.

Sources of income for free web hosting companies

Free web hosting companies can stay in business through promotions on their sites. That’s why you may see pop-ups, banners, audios, videos and other forms of advertisements on your website pages. They leverage the visitors that come to your website, and if the visitors click on ads, the web hosting company gets commissions. Some free web hosting companies attract customers with free hosting, only for them to pay for add-ons like Whois privacy protection, DNS management, upgrades and much more.

How to find free web hosting providers

Today, the internet is littered with free web hosting providers. A simple search will yield many free web hosting options. You can also check out the free web hosting directory that lists some of the best free web hosting companies. Some of the top free web hosting directories update their pages daily with new information about free web hosting. You can leverage that. Some of the most reliable free web hosting providers include GoDaddy and 50Webs.

Who should leverage free web hosting providers

Free web hosting is adapted to the beginner website owner, but not for hosting a business website. They are good for sites intended for personal use like sharing your life experiences, sharing school activities and so on.